The Greatest Hits...60's, 70's, 80's, 90's. a unique mix of pop, rock and soul played from CD's, vinyl records and digital files. Featuring the big hits & deep cuts that barely reached the "Top 40" or the "Hot 100". Classic radio hits of the past.


I'm Music Mike.


Remember that great hometown Top 40 Hit Radio station you grew up with? They had cool DJ's, fun listener promotions, a crazy morning show and the best hit music. The sound of that radio station is still in your head. It brings back cherished memories you'll never forget. Classic hit radio stations of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.


Welcome to "Music Mike's Flashback Favorites" on KVKVI.COM  As many of you know, Flashback Favorites has been a top music destination on YouTube for 18 years, with over 97,000 subscribers. The internet radio station version helps you re-live the classic radio days when stations played a full flavored mix of Pop, Rock and Soul. You might hear the Doors, Bread, Kiss, Supremes, Donna Summer and the Eagles all within 20 minutes! You almost never knew what was coming next. KVKVI.COM Radio re-creates some of that radio magic. Our influence is America's Midwest...Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus.......the best place for an exciting cultural blend of many different music styles and sounds.


As a former radio station DJ, Music Director and General Manager.....I've been collecting records, CD's and audio files for many years. With so many different songs in my collection, I thought it would be fun to share with you the Big Hits and some of the songs that I think should have been hits. Generally, these tunes did not climb very high on the American "Hot 100" Chart published by Billboard Magazine.....or, they may not have charted at all. These are the kind of songs that sound great but for some reason, did not get the promotion they needed or maybe they just didn't sound right for the time.  Many of them sound better today than they did back when they were first released. I also like to feature rare and hard to find stereo versions of songs that we typically heard only in mono for all these years. 


Enjoy our presentation of classic hit music radio from the past on "Music Mike's Flashback Favorites". Six decades of the best Pop, Rock & Soul.  The greatest hits....and the songs you missed.......worldwide on KVKVI Radio.


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Listener Comments About KVKVI




I got my start in radio back in 1960 when I was 14. I have worked up and down the dial across the country and still work part-time. But I must say, your station KVKVI is by far the BEST SOUNDING STATION I have heard in years. Love the music, the flow, and the liners are AWESOME. Please keep up the good work, for it is nice to hear a professional station again....when I was beginning to think it was just a thing of the past. ROCK ON KVKVI.....I LOVE IT !!

Fred B. - United States




I live in Prague, Czech Republic but I grew up in N.E. Ohio during the 70's - WMMS, G98, M105, WIXY , CKLW and others. Living here in the heart of Europe and having access to brings me closer to home - a different time and place. Music is my time machine and your playlist hits the spot. Keep it going.

Michael - Prague, Czech Republic




"Regular commercial radio today is so demographic based. The music becomes very repetitive and I get tired of hearing the same songs day in, day out.....there's no true variety. Now, I have a new oulet to hear a much better mix of music...KVKVI !"

Nick - Omaha, Nebraska




"KVKVI refreshingly reminds me and re-aquaints me with my past but realizes

very astutely that those days are gone.

KVKVI is a reflection, a re-living....not a re-creation. Most radio stations try to force you back there.

KVKVI is my favorite Classic Hits Station"    

Chuck - Columbus, Ohio




"best retro radio station I've heard in years. I like the newer songs mixed in.

KVKVI keeps it real" !

Big Dan - Akron, Ohio




"KVKVI plays a wide variety of music, not the same repetition heard on other stations!"

"60's, 70's, 80's and 90's....the best!"

Eric S.- Canada 




"I've been listening for about 18 hours straight now...I can't stop! Great mix of music. I'm setting up the office at work Monday to play KVKVI over the speakers & it will be our "on-hold" music as well. Great job Music Mike!! We are listening & loving!!

Ron - Portland, Oregon







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