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10 Big Record Stores We Can’t Forget

I Loved Shopping For Records In the late 1970's, record store chains began to pop up all across the nation. Before that, most of us purchased records from retail stores like Montgomery Ward, Penny's, Woolworth's and K-Mart. Let's not forget about the small independent record shops, too. Most of these big record store chains were located in shopping malls. They were individual companies at first, but were eventually gobbled up […]

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10 Canadian Groups & Artists I Love

Magical - Memorable Music from these artists got played on radio stations all over the United States. I mostly became aware of music from Canada while listening to CKLW radio from Windsor, Ontario. I grew up around Cleveland, Ohio and the 50,000 watt signal of the "Big 8" CKLW came roaring across Lake Erie.  It sounded like a local AM station. But, not only did CKLW play fantastic Detroit Motown […]

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