The Greatest Hits, Rare Stereo, LP Cuts & Hard To Find Songs From CD, Digital Files And Vinyl Records. Pop, Rock & Soul !


Hi, I'm Music Mike.


Thanks for joining me on "Flashback Favorites." As many of you know, Flashback Favorites has been a very popular music destination on YouTube for 11 years, with 50,000 subscribers. "Flashback Favorite" fans come from all over the world, from almost every country and even some of the most remote places that you can possibly imagine.  The one common thread that we all share is.....the music. Yes, music speaks a universal language that we all understand, especially when it's top quality music like you hear on KVKVI Radio.


As a former radio station DJ, Music Director and General Manager.....I've been collecting records, CD's and audio files for many years. With so many different songs in my collection, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the songs that I think should have been hits....but were not. Or, maybe the song did well at the time, but rarely gets played today. It's possible that some of these songs may have been hits in countries other than the United States. Generally, these recordings did not climb very high on the American "Hot 100" Chart published by Billboard Magazine.....or, they may not have charted at all. These are the kind of songs that sound great but for some reason, did not get the promotion they needed or maybe they just didn't sound right for the time.  Many of them sound better today than they did back when they were first released. I also like to feature rare and hard to find stereo versions of songs that we typically heard only in mono for all these years. 


The internet radio version of "Flashback Favorites" features Pop, Rock & Soul music from all around the world.....not just the United States. So, you may hear a song that you don't recognize, but it very well may have been a hit in Canada, the UK, Philippines, Europe, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, Australia or South America (and many other places!). "Flashback Favorites Radio" combines the non-hits..................with the hits...........from yesterday, 2K and today. 6 decades of the best music. The greatest hits....and the songs you missed.......worldwide on KVKVI Radio.



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Listener Comments About KVKVI


I got my start in radio back in 1960 when I was 14. I have worked up and down the dial across the country and still work part-time. But I must say, your station KVKVI is by far the BEST SOUNDING STATION I have heard in years. Love the music, the flow, and the liners are AWESOME. Please keep up the good work, for it is nice to hear a professional station again....when I was beginning to think it was just a thing of the past. ROCK ON KVKVI.....I LOVE IT !!

Fred B. - USA (via Hotmail)


"Regular commercial radio today is so demographic based. The music becomes very repetitive and I get tired of hearing the same songs day in, day out.....a reason I can't stand to listen to it any more. Now, I have a new oulet to hear a much better mix of music...KVKVI !"

Nick - Omaha, Nebraska



"KVKVI refreshingly reminds me and re-aquaints me with my past but realizes

very astutely that those days are gone.

KVKVI is a reflection, a re-living....not a re-creation. Most radio stations try to force you back there.

KVKVI keeps it fresh with a retro twist"    

Chuck - Columbus, Ohio



"best retro radio station I've heard in years. I like the current songs mixed in.

KVKVI keeps it real" !

Big Dan - Akron, Ohio



"Thank God there's different music on KVKVI and not the same repetitious garbage heard on other stations!"

"Wish you guys all the best"

Eric S.- Canada (via HotMail)



"I've been listening for about 18 hours straight now...I can't stop! Great mix of music. I'm setting up the office at work Monday to play KVKVI over the speakers & it will be our "on-hold" music as well. Great job Music Mike!! We are listening & loving!!

Ron - Portland, Oregon


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